Carbon pricing could avert the impacts of climate change

It’s said that the 21st century war that man is fighting is climate change, this enemy has brought about the rise of climatic refugees all over the world and if this war is not worn sooner than later mankind shall be facing extinction. The ban on deforestation, charcoal burning and other measures taken by the … Continue reading Carbon pricing could avert the impacts of climate change


The Carbon Clock is Ticking Away….

As our beautiful blue planet continues to spin deep in space, we humans down here on the ground are grappling with whether or not climate change is within our control. Meanwhile, the carbon clock is rapidly ticking away. Mercator’s clock demonstrates the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we can emit into our atmosphere before our … Continue reading The Carbon Clock is Ticking Away….


Climate change endangers humanity’s security, peace, and prosperity. Currently, global leadership focuses on science and the economy. It is true that climate change is an environmental phenomenon that requires scientific research. However, climate change advocates must also consider its side regarding economic development and human rights concerns. Women can also take immediate steps that can … Continue reading HOW WOMEN CAN CREATE AN IMPACT IN CLIMATE CHANGE…

Earth’s Vital Organs

Ecosystems are Earth’s vital organs, performing and exchanging all life-giving functions. Ecosystems do this because of the interrelationships of their biodiversity. No land-based ecosystem is as biodiverse, vital, multi-faceted, or globally influential as tropical forests. Like our hearts, lungs, sweat glands, skin, and reproductive systems tropical forests co-determine the future of human life. People often … Continue reading Earth’s Vital Organs

So… “Fly or Die” is just a myth?

On Wednesday 31st, leading climate scientist Kevin Anderson was welcomed as the incoming Zennström Visiting Professor at Uppsala University. A packed auditorium listened to his lecture on “A Parisian tale of Triumph and Tragedy” click here for video and there’s no doubt his one-year tenure as Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership will leave a … Continue reading So… “Fly or Die” is just a myth?